THE Ragged Cat disappeared from Boscombe more than a decade ago, bringing an end to more than 200 years of watering hole history.

We know from old maps that there was an inn of some description on the site in around 1800 and that there were only two other buildings in Boscombe Manor at the time.

Written records from the 1840s suggest that the pub was called the Ragged Cat and that the licensee was a James Cody.

Sir Henry Drummond Wolff, diplomat and Conservative Party politician, owned the surrounding land in 1868 and had nearby streets like Cecil Road named after his relatives.

At that time it was called the Palmerston Arms and the name is still etched in stone on the building today.

In the 00s the pub bore the name Deacon's and, again, the Ragged Cat.

Trouble plagued the venue's final years before it was shut down in 2009 and converted into five flats, three houses and two shops.