I HAVE to write on the subject of littering in the town, the council cannot run behind everyone with a broom and bin bag, it can however provide more bins, one every 500 yards clearly doesn’t work.

It can also strongly impose fines for littering.

It is down to every person to take their litter home or put it in a bin, it’s disgusting and so deflating to see mainly young people just drop their fast food packets, coffee cups, empty cans, face masks wherever is convenient. Is it not against the law?

We are just back from litter pick, can I suggest a campaign where every person picks up at least one piece of rubbish whenever they are walking from A to B, make it the Poole standard practice, I have done it for years, don’t just walk past it, pick it up and bin it, and challenge those who offend.

I followed one car who launched his coke can out of his passenger window, challenged him at the lights through open window only to get a mouthful after I pointed out not a good example to set to his kids in the back, what a loser, these people need calling out.

Rant over!


Sterte Esplanade, Poole