PERMISSION is sought to demolish a building in Castle Lane East and replace it with a block of 12 flats.

Edgewater Acquisitions have applied for planning permission to demolish the residential building at 908 Castle Lane East and build a block of 12 flats with associated access and parking.

A design and access statement said: “The proposal seeks to demolish the existing dwelling and erect a 12 unit residential building with associated access and parking in the form of six one-bed flats and six two-bed flats.

“The proposal will not create an overbearing impact on the neighbouring properties at 910 Castle Lane East or 101 Holdenhurst Avenue to the eastern and southern boundaries respectively.

“Overall, it is considered that the proposed layout of the development respects the character of the area and the amenity of neighbouring properties.

“The proposal would not appear out of context with the existing locality nor would it be considered an over intensive development when viewed in relation to surrounding developments.”

The statement said the new building would be of “traditional style” and the roof would be a mix of pitched, hipped and gable forms with a prominent projecting feature to the north west corner.

It added: “Overall, it is considered that the appearance of the proposal fits comfortably with neighbouring properties to provide an acceptable pattern of development and visual presence in Castle Lane East.

“Vehicle access will remain from the south western corner of the site via Holdenhurst Avenue providing a 12 space parking provision to the rear of the building.

“An internal secure cycle store accommodating 16 cycle spaces is also provided. Additional bin storage is also provided to the eastern boundary.

“The proposed development is in all respects compatible with the surroundings in terms of: layout; site coverage; architectural style; scale; bulk; height; materials; landscaping; visual impact and its relationship to nearby properties.

“It is therefore considered that the proposal would comply with the associated policies of the Bournemouth Local Plan: Core Strategy and the Bournemouth District Wide Local Plan.”