BOURNEMOUTH has long been famed for its parks and gardens and for the excellence of the upkeep of its open spaces, verges and roundabouts.

It is therefore more than regrettable that BCP Council has decided to cease cutting grassed areas in the guise of increasing biodiversity, improving conditions for wildlife and helping reducing our carbon footprint.

In fact this is simply a short-sighted cost saving exercise dressed up in the buzz words of the day.

The result is a messy patchwork of unkempt and untidy public areas, more akin to an African savannah, than a premier British holiday destination.

It will lower the attractiveness of the area and encourage further laxity in the preservation of those places and the leaving of rubbish and litter.

It will provide a fire hazard in late summer and also spread the seeds of weeds into private gardens.

Will it save money? I doubt it.

What will the staff that currently cut the grass do? Will they be made redundant?

I very much doubt it, so where is the saving anyway?

Uncollected dog mess will remain undetected until someone steps in it and rubbish and litter will accumulate, also undetected.

The formerly attractive grassed areas are being turned into scrub land.

We live at Hengistbury Head where the large expanse of open space requires no additional ‘wilding’ in nearby suburban roads to increase biodiversity.

For goodness sake BCP, get a grip.


Clowes Avenue, Bournemouth