A MENTAL health charity in Bournemouth are now recruiting participants who wish to engage in a recovery, education and training program.

RJVN8 Mental Health Charity are looking to help the Bournemouth community as the ongoing pandemic continues to take its toll on people’s mental health.

The charity have linked up with EFSA to put together a project starting at the end of July, which has a limited places available for 20 individuals.

Co-founder Damian McGuire said: “Our project is aimed at educating people back into work with a focus on those living in rural areas and within isolated pockets in Urban areas who face challenges and barriers accessing the labour market.

“We are going to start to build self-esteem, confidence and a solid learning platform in order to combat the current challenges our communities are facing.

"RJVN8 Mental Health together with EFSA are putting together a project which is a once in a lifetime opportunity for individuals who might be down and out to relaunch their career and move to a position of stability. ”

Twenty individuals aged 50 and over who are living in rural areas and within urban areas in isolated pockets who face barriers to the labour market.

On completion of this project, 12 people will be ready to seek employment and eight people will be positioned into volunteering roles and looking at their next phase of readiness to work.

To find out more or apply, email hello@rjvn8.co.uk