A MAN was left shocked after a seagull swooped down and attacked him for the second time in a year.

Robin Edmonds, 48, was leaving his flat in Dorset Road, Somerford on Thursday when the bird “absolutely went” for him.

“It happened yesterday evening, I was just exiting the building and I was just crossing the road and the seagull absolutely went for me,” he said.

“I was just intending to go for a short walk and perhaps sit on my favourite bench and it thwarted me.

“Because I was in immense shock, I actually sprinted away from it, extremely fast, back to the front entrance of the building.

“I just managed to evade being struck on the head.

“I just went straight back, I hurriedly got my fob for the front entrance, I was swearing profusely, yelling a lot because of how much of a threat it was.”

It comes nearly exactly a year after Robin was attacked by an angry gull and on that occasion the bird whacked him on the head.

And now the 48-year-old wants the authorities to act on solving the problem.

“I now don’t feel I can leave this flat unless I have a hat to protect my head.

“I really do think it is about time this serious issue is given serious attention by the relevant authorities, as they are in a position to do something about this menace.

“I know they are protected species, I just have no idea why it keeps targeting me and not other people, I can’t fathom it.

“It is terrible, it is shocking. What if they start targeting young children?

“I don’t mind how they sort it if they can figure out a way of doing it without killing the seagull.

“Let’s hope some relevant people decide to take some sort of action to stop these unwarranted and violent attacks on local innocent people who are just merely attempting to go about their daily business without being targeted in such a way.”

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “We are aware that seagulls can occasionally cause problems and we are limited in action in any situation where wild animals are involved.

“In a coastal area, this is a part of life and we are actively encouraging all our beach goers to not feed the seagulls and avoid carrying food items near spots where there is a high concentration of them. Aside from this, we do not have any current plans to take action.”