MAY we assume that the 150 Oxford dons who are refusing to teach, in protest against the university’s decision not to give in to pressure from students who want the statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from Oriel college, will have their salaries docked accordingly?

But their efforts to ingratiate themselves with the precious little, posturing snowflakes they are supposed to be educating comes as no surprise – given that teachers’ unions in this country were taken over by anti-British left wing extremists a long time ago.

The rot at our universities set in 20 years ago with the Blair regime’s insane notion that fifty percent of all young adults should attend university – which resulted in a situation where universities are now crammed full of students for whom pursuing degrees is a complete waste of time.

Indeed there are huge numbers of ‘students’ (I use the term loosely) for whom their time at university is nothing more than an extended vacation between leaving school and starting work.

A policy which has led to the dumbing-down of university courses and a devaluing of degrees.

Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth