THIS week we are exploring Heather Emerton's beautiful 'rainbow garden'.

Her radiant rainbow garden in Ensbury Park is adorned with a plethora of colourful plant pots, decorations and even a hanging rainbow seat.

Bournemouth Echo: Eye-catching rainbow plant pots and pallets Eye-catching rainbow plant pots and pallets

Heather considers herself to be "no good at growing plants" so introduced plants such as Sedum and saxifrage to her garden, which require little input to survive, according to Heather.

She said: "Herbs are also quite hardy, so I have rosemary, curry plant, sage, thyme and mint in colourful pots. I'm also hoping to successfully grow carrots, strawberries, peas, beans and tomatoes this year.

Bournemouth Echo: Heather Emerton's rainbow garden Heather Emerton's rainbow garden

"I have used pallets to create various vertical and floor planters, as well as the large planter for our olive tree. I have also used pallets for the wall mounted bar area, for outdoor eating and a rustic gate.

"To create colour I have painted everything in lots of bright colours. Finally I added a solar pump and some miniature water lilies and bull rushes in an old terracotta planter for a tranquil water feature."

Bournemouth Echo: Heather Emerton's colourful paint work and decorationsHeather Emerton's colourful paint work and decorations

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