I REFER to the picture accompanying the letter in yesterday’s Echo taken “circa 1950”. It is, in fact, from 1968.

It shows former London Transport C2 Class Trolleybus 260 [Registration Number CUL 260] which was based at Stonebridge Depot throughout it’s entire working life starting on Sunday, August 23, 1936.

Upon withdrawal, the vehicle had been selected for display as part of London Transport’s Museum Collection.

On August 27, 1959, it was sent to the Museum of Transport at Clapham where it stayed for three years.

On July 18, 1962, it was noted as being readied for scrapping by the firm of Cohen’s – as another Trolleybus, with more original fittings, had superseded 260 on display.

A few days later, it was purchased by Tony Belton and Fred Ivey for overhaul and storage at various locations.

On Thursday, June 20, 1968, a trial run took place on the remnants of Bournemouth’s network with Peter Lepine-Smith of the Maypine Trolleybus Company taking the wheel.

Apparently a downpour occurred during this run and the nearside wiper blade became detached in Beaufort Road with a stop being needed there to re-secure it.

Trolleybus 260 is almost 85 years old and now owned by the London Trolleybus Preservation Society.

It is resident at the East Anglia Transport Society Museum in Charlton Colville, Lowestoft, NR33 8BL and, along with other operational exhibits, makes the occasional outing on the circuit around its grounds.

Several other London Transport Trolleybuses also reside there along with two from Bournemouth Corporation - namely 202 (ALJ 986 Sunbeam/Park Royal from 1935) and 286 (YLJ 286 Sunbeam/Weymann from 1959) Hope this is of interest to your readers.


West Drive, Swanage