EVER since the launch of the BCP Critical Care Worker parking scheme, nurses park wherever they please – namely in disabled bays.

I have a disabled son that cannot walk, and I constantly come home to my marked, permit only disabled bay to find an able bodied nurse or a builder parked in my spot.

Could everyone please understand why it is we have disabled bays – because not all of us are able bodied and blessed with legs that work.

Despite talking to nurses and builders, and all sorts of people and asking politely, they continue to park in disabled spots – I can only hope this will therefore reach someone more senior who will make it clear to them its a clear violation of the terms and conditions of their permit.

I am so frustrated having to carry my son home because I am unable to park outside my home, and I am unable to use a wheelchair due to overgrown grass that the council does not cut.


Ibbertson Way, Bournemouth