THE ROYAL Naval Association have commemorated the oldest member of the Christchurch & District Branch as he celebrated his 100th birthday.

Shipmate Ron Checketts MBE received his greetings cards from the Queens and marked his landmark birthday on May 30 with his son, Adrian.

However, due to Covid restrictions, his shipmates have not been able to meet with him to offer their congratulations, but a belated ceremony is planned for later this month.

Christine Payne from the Christchurch & District RNA Branch said: “Some cards from the Branch and individual members were sent and appreciated by Ron.

“Subject to restrictions being lifted, the RNA is planning to hold a meeting at Portfield Hall on June 24 with a specially commissioned cake which will be served in true Naval fashion with a tot of Pusser’s Rum.

“Following the meeting, 30 shipmates will repair to the Pear at Parley where they will enjoy a lunch together for the first time in many months.”