A NEW business is encouraging people to make a gift out of a fitness activity, an outdoor adventure or a wellbeing experience.

Gift Fit says it will also play its part in reducing the mountain of unwanted gifts that end up in landfill each year.

The founders of the voucher-based business say they have been signing up partners in the fitness and wellbeing fields “from all over the UK”.

They hope to boost businesses that have only recently been allowed to emerge from the third national Covid lockdown.

The Gift Fit platform enables people to gift fitness classes, outdoor adventures and wellness experiences, either to themselves or someone else.

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Bournemouth-based co-founder Ali Sheik said: “We are really excited about the reaction we’ve had to Gift Fit. We are signing up partners from all over the UK and having ongoing conversations with independents and well-established names, providing a platform to showcase a range of activities.

“For us it’s about offering consumers a variety of fitness, well-being and outdoor adventure experiences and showcasing the great places around the UK.

“2020 was so tough for many fitness companies and personal trainers but things are now turning a corner and most have now started to welcome people back. We want to encourage people to stay active and sample different activities.”

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In 2019, the Plastic Collective said the UK produced an estimated £70million in waste from unwanted gifts, while another study found 76 per cent of people would rather spend money on experiences than products.

Mr Sheik said: “Another benefit of Gift Fit is that it can actually help tackle the huge amount of unwanted gifts that end up in landfill – somewhere in the region of £70m. So by purchasing a gift voucher you can do your part for the environment and give someone an amazing experience.”

Local partners include YRD 1 Fitness, Purbeck Bike Tours, HE Aquatics, E-Motion Fitness, Melanie Lovegrove yoga, Ali Morton Yoga, Happy Gym. FTY Lab, Lynsey Suzanne Fitness, Contender Fest and the Tattooed Golfer.