STRONG climate and ecological leadership is due at the G7.

Attenborough, Rockstrom and global scientists in the documentary “Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet (2021)” warn we are very nearly out of time on the stability of the nine boundaries keeping our home planet liveable. Some scientists were angry or depressed. Others were in tears as they studied unravelling ecosystems.

Biodiversity is particularly threatened. We are told it is essential not to lose any more pollinators, wildlife or the interconnected natural world if we ourselves want to thrive.

BCP Council’s frightening climate report of November 24, 2020, remains unpublicised despite the Local Government Association’s requirement that councillors should share with residents information that will affect them.

Despite both BCP and Dorset Councils having declared emergencies two years ago where is the sense of extreme urgency and where are the warnings? A golden opportunity to inform the conurbation of the mounting risks of carbon (just as they have done with covid) has been missed. Delays and excuses are extremely dangerous as threats multiply.

What confidence can we have in our government or our councils’ monitoring systems to protect us as weather systems become ever more unreliable and everything becomes several times more expensive?


Parkwood Road, Southbourne