A LARGE number of trees in Christchurch are due to be removed in the next couple of weeks.

Inspections from arboriculturalists of the trees on The Quomps on Christchurch Quay concluded that many were “structurally unsound”.

The trees are to be superseded with “suitable replacements” in the coming months, in accordance with BCP tree officers.

Chairman of the planning committee at Christchurch Town Council Cllr Michael Tarling said: “We can confirm that Christchurch Town Council have undertaken an extensive tree survey using a qualified arboricultural consultant.

“The findings have shown that a number of the willows along The Quomps and Town Quay are structurally unsound and need to be felled in the interests of public safety.

“We are in the process of instructing a tree surgeon to carry out these works.”

The findings from an inspection by The Tree Team at BCP Council in April found that six trees were suffering from “extensive decay” or “structural defects”.

The 16 trees, most of which are willow, are to be felled or have deadwood removed following a successful application in which no Christchurch councillors opposed the plans.

Bournemouth Echo: Inspectors carrying out resistograph checks on the trees on The Quomps in Christchurch. Phot taken from council documents

As previously discussed with Christchurch Town Council in December 2020, BCP Council “strongly advised” that replacement trees were planted, and the number should match the number of trees felled.

Cllr Tarling added: “In the last two years, we have needed to carry out emergency tree works on a number of storm damaged trees whereby sizeable limbs have come down.

“As a town council, we have a duty of care to our residents and members of the public to ensure their safety on council land.

“We will be replacing theses trees in due course with suitable replacements by agreement with BCP tree officers.”

The replacement trees, which are to be a selection of white willow, alders and aspens, have been chosen to be in keeping with the “sylvan character of The Quomps”.