INCREDIBLE pictures of dolphins have been taken by sailors as they ride back from the Isle of Wight to Christchurch Harbour.

A pod of dolphins were first spotted off Milford-on-Sea by a family returning from breakfast on the Isle of Wight at the weekend.

The family were on their way home through Christchurch Harbour when they saw the incredible sight on Sunday morning.

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Susie Dalby and her family were heading back from breakfast on the Isle of Wight at around 10.30am when her nephew Freddie spotted the pod gracefully jumping through the water.

Susie said: "I quickly turned to see if he was ok and realised it wasn’t panic in his voice, it was excitement, as in that moment I saw a dolphin just a foot from our boat.

Bournemouth Echo:

Dolphins near Milford-on-Sea image: Susie Dent

"It was so amazing and shocking.

Once she'd spotted the dolphins Susie slowed the boat down and turned it, only to realise they must have been in the middle of the pod as there were at least 10 dolphins swimming around them. 

"It was mesmerising," she added. 

The family were in awe of the rare sight they had been able to experience and quickly took a few photos and videos while trying to take it all in.

Susie said: "After they had gone off into the distance we were all a bit shocked and felt so lucky and privileged to have had that experience - right there in our home waters.

"Thank you for such a special moment dolphins!"