I FEEL quite sad every time I read one of the letters from Ms Stockwell.

With her assertion that cycle lanes (Letters, June 7), will be a precursor to a world (hopefully) without cars.

Far from reducing congestion as she suggests, with the reduction of road space for the evil car driver in order to provide disproportionate cycle lane space for angelic cycle users, will more likely cause more congestion and pollution especially in the winter months when the majority of recreational cyclists revert to cars?

With vehicles of most types emitting lower emissions than in the past and the advent of electric cars (and they are already here) the emissions will reduce further in the future.

Her problem will then be the inability to hear the electric cars approaching, cycles both pedal powered and electric approaching and now the new idea of electric scooters on roads/pavements and vying for space on cycle lanes.

Commercial vehicles will always be there as an issue, as their power requirements make an electric option unviable The next point would be how much pollution will be created in the generation of the extra power capacity needed to recharge all the new electric vehicles on the road.

Imagine all the petrol and diesel cars on the road as electric all plugged into the National Grid at the end of the day. How would it cope?

Possibly meltdown. We may well have eliminated one problem only to introduce another.

Not everyone has the capability of a cycling/walking option.

As the saying goes, “lets see where the road takes us”.


Copythorne Close, Bournemouth