I TOTALLY agree with the latest comments from Tony Blair: “People who have been fully vaccinated should be offered greater freedoms to encourage people to take up the jab.”

Blair also said: “It makes no sense at all to treat those who have had vaccination as the same as those who haven’t.”

A Covid status certificate would allow proof of vaccination (even if just one jab), a negative test or immunity from recent infection.

Many (especially those anti-vaccination) say that it will create a ‘two-tier society’ where only those who have had the jab are allowed to enjoy their ‘freedoms’ within pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc, while those who haven’t will be severely ‘discriminated’.

Well let me tell you, as a smoker I have endured that same ‘discrimination’ for many years and today it still continues with even more pressures put upon us.

I can enjoy all those pleasures if I don’t smoke, so what is the difference for non-vaccinated being treated just the same?

The argument is that most elderly or vulnerable people have had their second jabs so won’t die or get severely ill but could still get infected.

Well thank you very much for your kind consideration but I don’t want to get ill at all.

I would not venture into any crowded venue where there is a possibility of non-vaccinated people.

I will still maintain social distancing and wear a mask until at least ninety per cent of the people are vaccinated, but even then I will still not feel totally safe because it just takes one.

Tony Blair is right. With the now high rate of our vaccine rollout, many people can now feel far safer to venture out.

A Covid passport would ensure many do and that would be good for our businesses and economy.

As for all those against the vaccine – well join the queue with us smokers.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth