AFTER a year of lockdowns, children from a Verwood first school managed to escape the classroom and visit the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre.

Year 4 pupils from Hillside First School were the first to visit in more than a year and headteacher Jeremy Harrison said he could see the Covid anxieties falling away from the youngsters.

The centre enables learning through living and working in a natural environment and reconstructed historic buildings.

It stretches from the Stone Age through to the Vikings and has lots of activities available.

The Hillside youngsters arrived at 9am and were there until dusk when they went into a Viking longhouse and listened to stories around a fire.

Mr Harrison said: “It was really good to see the children having fun outdoors again.

“They were having fun and enjoying themselves, but learning a great deal and it was a day they’ll remember. It was great for their well-being.

“We had an extended day as overnight trips were not allowed, it was a magical experience and it was great to see children being children again.”