POLICE have they will continue to take action against cars parked in restricted bays after a busy shift in Christchurch.

Christchurch Police issued tickets, helped an unwell teen and a potential scam victim on Saturday.

A spokesperson said: “Whilst conducting foot patrol from Friars Cliff to Mudeford Quay we were approached by a member of the RNLI team.

“Vehicles have been parking in the restricted bays. We are going to continue to work with BCP Council to stop the emergency access being blocked. Tickets have been issued and further action will be taken.

“On the way back to Friars Cliff we gave first aid to a 15-year-old girl who felt unwell in the sun.

“We stayed with her until her family arrived to ensure she was safe. After this we were sent to a concern for welfare for a potential scam victim.

“It was great to see that the scam had failed and the informant refused to give details.

“Just before dinner we were sent to search for a drunk male causing problems in Christchurch town. Area searched, no trace as the male had left prior to police arrival.

“After dinner we visited one of our vulnerable adults who had been reporting some incidents. All parties advised and support offered.

Finally, we attended all our hotspot areas including Burton. No issues to report. Back to the station to update before going home.”