“OUR Common Future” was published in October 1987 and came to be known as the Brundtland Report after the World Commission chairwoman, Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Sustainable waste management, transport and access, integrated systems — oh dear how has planning managed to make such a mess of things since then?

How tragic that despite all the fine words and all the increasingly frightening data collected the G7 is still not speaking the language of survival as they fund the fossil fuels that contribute to our dangerous overload of atmospheric carbon.

Luckily planet protectors will be Making the Wave at Ferry Road, Studland at midday on June 10 to coincide with the G7 meeting in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Those trying to salvage our stunning Jurassic coastline, our fascinating wildlife, our beaches, our wetlands, our woodlands, our internationally important, beautiful area with its national nature reserve and its SSIs want action now to protect lovely Studland from habitat loss and sea level rise. Sand Art will be on the beaches- before we lose them. Markers will show projected sea level rise in 2040, 2060, 2080.

People of peace are all welcome to send the G7 a timely reminder of our fragile, disappearing natural world and request proper, serious decarbonising leadership before we are timed out of a future worth having.


Parkwood Road, Southbourne