A WOMAN from Bournemouth who battled with mental health issues during the recent national lockdown has launched her own makeup artistry business this month.

Grace Revington moved to London in 2014 with cosmetic retailer giant SpaceNK as a National Pro Artist.

Having travelled around the UK and Europe training SpaceNK members of staff, holding masterclasses and events, and working backstage for fashion designers, the stresses of retail caused her to revaluate her career.

Grace thought she’d packed her makeup brushes away forever two years ago when she embarked on a career change and joined local PR agency Sunny Bird PR.

The 30-year-old said: “I needed a break from the beauty industry, I found myself falling out of love with it, and was desperate for a change.

“I was thrilled when Sunny and the team gave me the opportunity to join the team in Bournemouth and immerse myself in the world of PR and social media.

“I took to it quickly and I can honestly say, without the position I would never have had the confidence to launch Grace Olivia Makeup.”

Grace’s decision to revisit makeup came during the latest lockdown where she found herself struggling with mental health issues.

“I found the latest lockdown so hard, I felt drained, and I couldn’t see a way out of it” she said.

“I think there was many factors that were contributing to how I was feeling, the obvious being not able to live life normally due to coronavirus, but I was also thinking back to when I was truly happy in life and in a job.

“It just clicked, and I realised it was when I used my skill as a makeup artist to not only make people look and feel great on the outside but feel special and confident on the inside too.

“There isn’t a feeling quite like that.”

Grace set up her independent company Grace Olivia Makeup in May 2021, where she will specialise in makeup tutorials, wedding and occasion makeup.

Her first client has been confirmed as Dorset based skincare brand BAO Skincare, who has already secured a feature in Woman and Home Magazine and various other interviews for its founder, Beth Coldrick.

Grace has already secured over 25 bookings for this summer and her 2022 diary is filling up fast.

She added: “I have so many plans for Grace Olivia Makeup, from hiring a team, to having a standalone studio that other local artists can use, to creating an Etsy style e-commerce store for engaged couples.

It’s been a tumultuous year for everyone, but it’s also been a time of pause and reflection. For me, I feel strongly that I am so ready for this exciting new chapter.”