A GROUP of parents have helped to organise a year 11 prom for their children after a school in New Milton said they would not be able to host the event due to the current lockdown restrictions.

The Arnewood School said that there was a “real danger” that they would be unable to hold their prom before the lifting of full lockdown restrictions.

Determined to ensure the event could still go ahead, seven parents clubbed together to set up an event after Wednesday, June 21.

Alex Hood, one of the parents, said: “The school are still a little worried about Covid, so they decided that they weren’t going to hold a prom from year 11. They are holding one for year 13 students but they have said this is because there are less of them so it would be easier to manage.

“Our school would have been the only one in the area not to have a prom. What 16-year-old doesn’t want to dress up nice and have a prom?

“For some of them, this may be the last time they see some of their friends before they start different sixth form college, how could you deprive them of that?

“These students have had such a disruptive year; they have had their GCSEs cancelled and we just wanted to give them something to look forward to.

“The prom date is booked for after the lifting of full lockdown restrictions on June 21 so we are just hoping that the government stick to that date and it will be alright from then onwards."

Having come up with some options for the events with differing prices, the choice of venue was put down to a vote among the parents, with Elmers Court in Lymington coming out on top.

The parents have managed to get the venue for the same price as the school usually pays for it and haven’t had to fundraise, so long as they sell 75 tickets, priced at £30 each.

Although the school had arranged for an alternative event for year 11 students, headteacher Nigel Pressnell praised the hard work and determination of the organisers.

He said: “With restrictions in place due to Covid and all the associated uncertainties, there was a real danger that any year 11 prom might well end up being cancelled.

“So instead, we decided to hold a large graduation celebration at the school on the last day of term for all year 11 students.

“It has taken a lot of organising as students are remaining in their bubbles, but there will be food, entertainment, photo booths, and videos of the students’ time over the last two years will be played. There will be prize-giving, and a year-book has been produced.

“On top of that, our amazing parent teacher association is organising a more traditional prom for them after June 21, when restrictions are due to have ended."