WE spoke to the family in 'the pink house' which has been cheering up residents and commuters in Poole

A bright pink house on Herbert Avenue in Poole has been making school children, residents and commuters smile since it was repainted a month ago. 

A post on the Poole Community Group on Facebook from a mother, who lived nearby, thanking the property for making her daughter smile has gained nearly 250 likes and had more than 65 comments with residents sharing their love of the property. 

The current owners, Glen Butler and Grant Gould, only bought the house in December 2020 and have spent the last five months renovating their home. 

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Bournemouth Echo:

'The pink house' on Herbert Avenue before and after it was repainted.

The property's facade had previously been a dusty salmon pink and was in desperate need of repainting.

After speaking with neighbours and finding out that the property had always been referred to as 'the pink house', the couple - who have a love of bright colours - decided to be daring and paint the home bright pink. 

Glen, 48, said: "When we moved in the previous owner had passed away and hadn't updated the property in more than 20 years" 

At the bottom of the garden the couple found a secret shed that had been covered over with brambles. 

As they cleared through the shed on Christmas day they found a box of sentimental family photos and memorabilia that they reunited with the previous owner's daughter. 

Glen said: "The daughter came around to collect the pictures and she said her mum would have loved the house because she loved bright colours which is why it had originally been pink.

"She said her mum would have loved what we'd done with the house."  

Bournemouth Echo:

Grant Gould and Glen Butler (left to right) own the bright pink house that is cheering up commuters in Poole.  

Interior design mastermind Grant has amassed a following of more than 1,300 on his Instagram account recording the transformation of the 1930s house into a bold and funky home. 

Grant, a florist at Penn Hill Flowers, said:

"It literally melts my heart that this brightens people's days, especially kids with learning difficulties, it's just amazing.

"Especially with the whole lockdown thing it's just something to brighten up your day isn't it - we see people tapping each other and pointing when they're in their cars and little kids always call out 'it's the pink house!' when they walk past."

The colourful home has inspired children across the region to dream of owning a pink home of their own.

One mother said: "My daughter loves it too. She is five and is already talking about painting her own house pink when she is older." 

While another person would like the residents along Herbert Avenue to paint their homes the colour of the rainbow: "Wouldn't it be awesome if a load of the neighbours had got together and painted their houses the colours of the rainbow in order."

If you thought the outside of the property was joyful, the interior is even more daring and exquisitely designed - to see pictures visit their Instagram @houseoflexington.