ON BANK holiday Monday I was in Bournemouth town centre.

The first incident was of a legally hired scooter, two up, behind me dinging the bell to move coming down to the Square outside Boots.

Pedestrians were shoulder to shoulder as it was so busy, the lady next to me said where are we supposed to move to?

I said it’s ridiculous they are allowed on a pedestrian area.

The second incident came in Commercial Road.

I was coming out of JD sports heading across opposite to the Skechers shop when a legally hired e-scooter came flying down the hill from my left going far too fast again in a pedestrian area, he frightened the life out of me.

All I did was tutt loudly, he then got off his scooter shouting at me as if I was in the wrong to be walking on a pedestrian area.

I am a 55-year-old lady and if I had been a lady in my 70’s or older or a small child that ran out it could of been worse.

Please try and do something about these dangerous fad scooters before someone is very seriously hurt, they definitely should not be allowed to be ridden in the pedestrian areas of Bournemouth town centre.

Zakiya Cheeseman