I AM WRITING today to ask why BCP are currently spending yet more money on cycle lanes.

These cycle lanes add nothing to the local economy and if anything put visitors off visiting the area because of the traffic delays caused by these roadworks.

Not only that a minority of these cyclists have no regard for other people (only today I was crossing Westover Road with my wife, who was in a wheelchair, when a cyclist totally ignored the red light and narrowly missed us; moaning because we were in his way).

As a motorist who regularly gets jolted and shaken by the terrible state of the local roads, I would suggest that BCP spend money fixing the roads instead of building more cycle lanes.

Motorists pay car tax, fuel duty and car parking fees, cyclists pay nothing, most of them break the rules of the road and yet the police do nothing about it.

If the local police make an example of a few and it is reported in your newspaper the message might get to the majority.

Mike Clarke