ONCE AGAIN it seems that profit and not quality of life is a priority for developers.

I refer to the proposal to build 27, yes that is 27 flats, on the car park near Southbourne Crossroads.

The proposition is shy in revealing the exact parking provision, so more cars parked on roads is to be expected.

Clearly there is a need for accommodation in Bournemouth, visible homelessness is ever increasing here.

However high density high priced concrete holiday boxes are not the answer.

Were I reassured that these new homes would help those in need, I might think a little more on my objection, but I don't need to, these homes are not aimed at social provision.

The development will rob the coast road of one of its few remaining open spaces, some of which has over the years, been carefully crafted into something very special.

The planted and cared for walkway replete with flowers and curiosities provides valuable pausing space.

It is a gem of a resource, where you can stop, think, witness and regard the importance of community.

Any sensible council would seek to extend the fantastic little green area that locals have so thoughtfully and creatively cultivated

As we emerge from debilitating lockdown, it is essential that shared spaces are encouraged and enhanced.

At a stroke the development will undo much good work and take away countless opportunities for connection, with each other and nature.

The space should be used in part to allow this little area to bloom, grow and spread its gentle joy.

Jon Nicholas