I AM writing this in the hope that anybody who was on Poole Quay on Saturday evening will read this and get a big of smile as I did.

On Saturday my wife and I parked at Bailey and strolled along to the quay with the intention of sitting in the sun with a nice cold beer.

We had just sat down and had begun a very pleasant conversation with a couple of ladies when the most horrendous noise began.

It was some selfish idiot starting up a misfiring power boat on the opposite side of the quay.

This inconsiderate individual kept this noise up on and off for about an hour and it must have spoilt many peoples’ evening.

When he eventually stopped a very loud cheer went up right along the quay.

Moving forward to yesterday my wife and I sat down at our beach hut between the piers when a power boat race proceeded to go by, when lo and behold the same offending boat got almost opposite us and broke down.

He was last seen being towed back into the harbour at a very sedate pace.

I might sound churlish but I quite hope it spoilt his recreation as much as he spoilt people’s on Saturday evening.


Knights Road, Bearwood