MOST days you publish letters surrounding the very touchy subject of transport and, from what I read, most people are not in favour of the many millions of pounds being spent on “improving “ facilities in our area.

Just because there is this massive pot of money available from national government to fund better ways of getting around surely doesn’t justify so much being allocated for the benefit of cyclists and so little to everything else.

As I understand it this funding has been made available to all councils across the country and is meant to not just provide better and safer cycling routes but also to provide better and safer facilities for pedestrians.

In our area there are many more that get about on foot than by bike and I would suggest that it is foolhardy and dangerous to suggest that those of a certain age climb aboard the bikes that were abandoned so many years ago.

Although no longer able to cycle, many get around by foot and, although that might be considered safe, the dire condition of our pavements makes walking dangerous.

In many places the surfaces of the roads and cycle lanes are so much better than the pathways.

So could the BCP council look at improving the pavements for the many rather than fixating on the cycle lanes for the few?


Hill View Road, Bournemouth