EMERGENCY teams raced to the rescue after two divers were reported in trouble off the Dorset Coast.

Weymouth all-weather lifeboat was diverted from another call after the divers were seen calling for help off Lulworth Cove yesterday afternoon.

Kimmeridge Coastguard officers had just returned from assisting with the medical evacuation of a missing woman when they were also alerted.

A spokesman said: "After returning from the previous tasking it was a quick turnaround as our 4x4 vehicle prepared to go out on a high visibility and operational readiness patrol.

"Just 30 minutes into the patrol we were tasked to proceed to divers calling for help just outside Lulworth Cove.

"Arriving on scene we met with Lulworth Community responders, ambulance, air ambulance and Lulworth Coastguard Rescue Team.

"Weymouth lifeboat also proceeded.

"Two divers had got into difficulty and after initially being picked up by some quick thinking jet skiers and kayakers were handed over to a dive boat that had also been in the area and bought to shore.

"After extensive checks with the casualties by ambulance crews, a dive doctor and Coastguards for any injuries or decompression sickness the two persons were free to resume without hospital attendance."