IT IS all very well the Dorset policeman saying that e-scooters present a danger to the public, but I don’t see our police actually doing anything about the rampant law breaking, mostly by yobby young males.

I walk most days from Gordons zig zag to Boscombe Pier and back, and both electric bikes and scooters are an absolute menace on the prom for all the well-known reasons.

Yet there is absolutely no policing by anyone. This even in the height of summer when bikes are banned.

The other week my walking friend saw on the pier three yobs haring up and down the pier at great speeds and doing wheelies. One loudmouth was boasting how he had altered the speed control on his scooter.

Yesterday when we were walking back to Southbourne we were approached by two electric bikes along with two scooters all at speed.

Because the council are utterly hopeless at properly clearing the prom of sand, we are left with only a narrow strip of prom not covered.

This means both bikes and scooters along with walkers have share this narrow strip. So being approached by four high speeders we had to jump out of their way.

They passed at speeds of at least 30mph and all shouting and screaming and weaving about and there were quite a good number of people present.

We were all put at great danger.

So let us have action Dorset Police and BPC Council and less waffle.


Stourwood Ave, Southbourne