MANY of your readers will remember the elderly man who stood between Woolworths and Bobby’s on Bournemouth Square, encouraging people to go up to the first floor restaurant with his distinctive cry “A Lovely Lunch ‘Ere”.

I have made his story into a one-act play which will be premiered at the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington, on Wednesday, June 2.

My play is part of an evening of one-act plays under the title of “Opening-up”.

It’s exciting to see the re-opening of the Palace Court Theatre – I was in the Sixth Form at Poole Grammar, and went to the Palace Court Theatre regularly.

Richard Digby-Day was resident director, and I well remember his “Hamlet” – the first Shakespeare play I ever saw. This must have been around 1965.

The Palace Court Theatre was also the home of the Bournemouth Chamber Music Society, and I have fond memories of world class quartets that played there on Sunday afternoons in the 1960s.


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