I CANNOT be the alone in feeling that rather than trying to come to terms with and get over perceived ‘injustices’ suffered at the hands of his family, Prince Harry is wallowing in, and positively (or perhaps more to the point negatively) enjoying playing the martyr.

I’m no mental health expert, but I do know that experts in the field, while agreeing that speaking about one’s problems is a good thing, dwelling on them and sharing them with the world can lead to the issues being magnified, reinforced and prolonged.

If Harry genuinely wants a more private life, away from the media spotlight, he would not be courting publicity, with the help of his fawning showbiz royalty, at every opportunity.

There are millions of people who are going through, and have gone through, far more difficult situations than this pampered, privileged prince – and not made a fraction as much fuss about them.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth