THEY are the Tik-Tok craze that everyone's going mad about - but what are Little Moons and where can you get your hands on them?

Little Moons are inspired by the ceremonious Japanese dessert 'mochi' which consists of tasty fruits, cake and ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of chewy rice dough.

However, Little Moons are filled with all types of intensely flavoured gelato wrapped in coloured rice dough. 

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The popularity of Little Moons has sky rocketed since the start of a viral trend on TikTok that sees users sharing their attempts at searching for the dessert, trying different flavours and reviewing them.


Anyone spot their favourite flavour?! 👀 ##littlemoonsmochi ##littlemoons ##summer ##mochi ##fyp ##mochiglacé

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Started by brother and sister duo Howard and Viven Wong, sales of Little Moons have risen by 700 per cent since past December, with retailers working hard to keep them in stock. 

The ice cream filled mochi come in a number of different flavours including chocolate, mango, salted caramel, coconut, green tea, cookie dough, vanilla, pistachio  and passionfruit mango.

Bournemouth Echo:


Honey roasted pistachio flavoured Little Moons in Asda.

But where can you buy Little Moons in Bournemouth?


With a huge increase in demand for this small but perfectly formed dessert, there are now a wide number of stores stocking Little Moons.

Little Moons also retail at Tesco, but the range is limited to coconut, and passionfruit mango.

Asda have recently started selling them too but only have coconut, honey roasted pistachio and passionfruit mango flavours. 

They are also available at Waitrose, Morrisons - there is even a cheaper dupe available at Aldi for just £2.99 and they come in six different flavours. 

Little Moons flavours are limited at most stores but you can order the full range on Ocado online at £4.50 for 6.

Bournemouth Echo:

Creamy coconut Little Moons in Asda, they are sold for £4.50 a box.

If you fancy trying this mochi style dessert then you can also order it on Deliveroo at Kokoro and Sushi Gourmet. 

The full list of stockists within 10 miles of Bournemouth: 


ASDA, St Paul's Road, BH8 8DL

ASDA, Castlepoint Shopping Centre

Asda, West Quay Road, Poole


Tesco, Poole Road, BH12 1AU

Tesco, Riverside Avenue, BH7 7DY

Tesco, Wimborne Road, BH10 7BB

Tesco, Tower Park, BH12 4NX

Tesco, Waterloo Road, BH17 7EJ

Tesco, Penny Walks, BH22 9TH

Sushi Gourmet

Sushi Gourmet, Talbot Health, BH12 4BA