There has been much criticism of the planned road changes from Merley to Christchurch, but the reality is that this scheme will make little or no improvement to the traffic flow in our conurbation.

Congestion is caused by too many cars on our crowded roads.

Look at the facts, how many more people live in the conurbation compared with 30 years ago, how many more cars are owned, yet the available road space for traffic flow is less due to so many parked cars?

Building more roads is not possible, so the only solution is to persuade many people to not use their cars so often.

Cycle lanes may help, together with making all pavements at least two meters wide and free of obstructions including scooters and cycles, but more use of our efficient bus network would have a greater effect.

Buses frequently carry 60 or more people, cars rarely carry more than two people, so a move to increased bus use would reduce traffic congestion.

Unfortunately so many people are married to their cars that persuading them to change is difficult.

Measures such as residents parking only within one mile of every school would stop many car journeys and also improve the health of many children.

Reduced on-street parking in shopping areas, making cars use car parks instead, would improve traffic flow.

Proper enforcement of parking rules so that illegal. dangerous or pavement parking is always prosecuted would help.

A congestion charge of £10 a day to use a car in our conurbation could also be considered.

If BCP Council is determined to spend the £100million from Central Government, it should be spent on congested areas such as Branksome, Parkstone, Winton or Charminster rather than Merley.

Doing nothing in these areas is rapidly leading to traffic frequently grinding to a complete halt.

Conditions we often see on TV of the streets in India may soon be common on the streets of our conurbation.