GIVEN the “gagging debate” of the zero-carbon transition needed (Echo, April 17) and the recent demo at Dorchester asking just what Dorset Council have done after declaring climate and ecological emergencies two long years ago, it’s a bit rich of Cllr Bryan to claim national leadership on the existential threats now being faced by all of us.

Just who is holding Dorset Council in such “high regard” as “market leaders”?

The Natural History Museum’s “Broken Planet” exhibition spells out clearly the problems and their solutions to the global incineration disaster we are triggering.

How embarrassingly shameful and wrong that, like our negligent government, neither BCP nor Dorset councils are able to explain to residents that carbon must be constrained if we are interested in retaining a habitable planet Emergency plans to suck carbon from the air are now having to be put into place.

Or life on Earth is toast.

Many solutions are to hand but motivation and education for survival are absent.

The party is being encouraged to get “back to normal” and pollute at will as our air and oceans toxify.

Who is protecting citizens? Who is advising us we must decarbonise at speed and scale if humans are to thrive in the future?

Where are the carbon alerts like the covid alerts?

No doubt the police, the papers and the public will be mightily upset by cheeky G7 activists who disturb the way of life that contributes to the shrinking of our stratosphere and the Sixth Mass Extinction Event now under way.

From leaders a Trappist monk-type silence prevails. “Don’t mention the War on Nature.”


Parkwood Road, Southbourne