A LEADING comparison site for green energy is rebranding its service for business following a surge in demand.

Big Clean Switch says it is capitalising on the growing awareness of its brand name as a result of partnerships with Ikea, Sky, Tesco and others.

Its commercial switching service, previously called Clean Energy UK, will go by the Big Clean Switch name from today.

The Bournemouth-based business said the rebranding was an important move towards converting both homes and businesses to renewable tariffs. It said it would also take advantage of growing synergies between the domestic and commercial arms of the business.

Jon Fletcher, founder of Big Clean Switch, said: “We began as two different brands because the process of switching a business is very different to switching a home.

“But as we’ve started to add more and more services for employers, we’ve found the two businesses increasingly overlapping, so it makes sense both operationally and from a customer perspective to have them both under one brand.”

He said the company already worked with businesses from local coffee shops to multinational brands to help customers and employees switch to low carbon electricity.

He added: “Companies are increasingly looking beyond their own operations to address carbon emissions from their wider business. As a result, we’re being asked to help more and more of our partners to engage with businesses in their supply chains, making it easy and affordable for them to make the switch to green energy. In that context, it makes sense to bring our commercial energy brokerage under the same roof.

“The appetite for green electricity from both homes and businesses is at an all-time high,” he added.

“Survey after survey shows growing alarm from the public about the threat of climate change, and a desire to be able to do something about it, and that is inevitably being channelled into pressure on businesses to change how they and their suppliers operate.”