A FAMILY in Poole who escaped a house fire in the middle of the night of Monday are appealing for donations to make their home safe again.

Firefighters were called to the semi-detached property on James Road in Branksome at 11.36pm on Monday May 11 after a tumble dryer, located in the basement of the building, caught fire.

Two crews from Westbourne and Springbourne attended, and two breathing apparatus wearers used one hose reel jet to extinguish the blaze, with the stop coming at 12.19am.

Lili Vint, a single mother, and her sons Joe and Paulo managed to escape unscathed but extensive damage to the house means that they will need to seek temporary accommodation.

Having spoken to a structural engineer, the family were told that the house is not structurally sound and the cost of fixing the problem will cost between £20,000 and £30,000.

Lezzete Hession is a former children’s services’ nanny for Joe, who suffers from complex disabilities due to contracting meningitis as a new-born baby, and close friends of the family.

She said: “The fire started in the basement. They had a room there that was set up for the boys. They had all their memories, photos and family videos down there which are all smoke damaged.

“She had a new kitchen done before lockdown and the basement is right underneath it, so the floorboards are badly damaged and the kitchen itself is smoke damaged.

“Walking through the house, you can feel that the floors are soft, they aren’t safe. All of the floorboard on the ground floor will have to be replaced.

“The tumble dryer is positioned right next to the boiler and the fire crews said that it was three minutes away from being a whole lot worse.”

Bournemouth Echo: The aftermath of a tumble dryer fire on James Road in Poole which took place on Monday May 11

The family are currently staying at a friend’s house whilst they seek alternative accommodation, which can prove difficult for 20-year-old Joe.

“What I am concerned about during all of this is poor Jo, said Lezzete.

“He can’t talk but he can walk, all personal care is done for him, but he is a boy who relies on routine.

“His younger brother Paulo was amazing when it happened. He helped to get his brother out of the house.

“His mother Lili was in shock and her mind was all over the place and he told her to ring 999.”

The family have been left shaken by the ordeal and, although hasn’t fully recovered from the traumatic event, she is considering going back to work early in order to provide for her two boys.

Bournemouth Echo: The aftermath of a tumble dryer fire on James Road in Poole which took place on Monday May 11

Lezzete has set up a fundraising page for the family of three to help fund the rebuild of their family home.

She added: “When I set up the fundraiser, I only set the target as £1,000 because I didn’t want to seem too greedy, but the fire have caused thousands and thousands of pounds worth of damage.

“She is a single parent; she deals with the boys on her own. She’s just brilliant so for something like this to happen to her and her boys is heart-breaking.

“Joe doesn’t understand what is going on, but she is trying as best as she can to keep as much normality as possible.

“If anyone can donate money or their time to help this family, whether that is builder or electricians, it would be so greatly appreciated.”

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