A FEW months ago we read in the Echo of very ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the beach and facilities at Southbourne crossroads – new restaurant, a lift from the beach to the lower car park etc etc.

Residents can see that the Bistro on the Beach and the toilets are long overdue for renewal.

Now I see that developers are applying for permission to develop the car park on the cliff top. 0nly a small car park, but essential for holidaymakers and residents alike.

How on earth can anyone build 27 flats on that small piece of land?

Will they be for residents to buy or will they all become holiday homes, being used for only a few weeks of the year? I very much think it will be the latter.

Since the sand was replenished during the lockdown, Bournemouth can proudly claim to have the best beach on the south coast.

Looking over the bay when the sun shines, one could very easily be on the continent.

Please BCP council leave the car park for everyone to use and enjoy.

All our assets are being sold off, we will end up with a beautiful beach and new facilities and – nowhere to park.

Southbourne beach desperately needs to be developed, to help ease the crowds who use Boscombe and Bournemouth. Give us more parking not less, and Southbourne could well become the “Sandbanks” of Bournemouth.


Springfield Avenue, Southbourne