I AM AN elderly man and have always believed in the independence of policing in our beloved country.

This, in my view, has ensured that we have the opportunity to live in secure and relatively peaceful communities, devoid of political bias to influence policing policies.

The Chief Constable of Dorset is answerable directly to the Home Secretary, ultimately to Parliament, in the unlikely event of unlawful misdemeanours.

Following the recent election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset, this post is now well within the political arena.

I fear that the independence and integrity of our policing policies could become subject to political preferences, decided by, and in favour of the few, rather than the community at large.

I note, with interest, the reported comment from David Sidwick is that “The independent approach we’ve had to date has been to complain about the money we receive from government. It is now my job to deliver actual improvements for the people of Dorset.”

We can expect, therefore, for the service to be inundated with funds, together with major benefits to us all.

I happen to think that the outgoing commissioner did a remarkable job, considering he was the first person to assume the post when created. No easy task.

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a Light Blue rosette to display prominently in the windscreen of my car.

Roy Lockyer