TWO blocks of flats could soon be erected in Poole which would see 28 new apartments built.

AJC Homes want to demolish the existing building in Lindsay Road, Poole, and replace it with two blocks of flats providing 21 two-bedroom units and seven three-bedroom houses.

A statement from the developers said: “The proposal looks to demolish the existing buildings and replace it with two contemporary blocks of apartments comprising of 21 two-bedroom flats with a further 7 three-bedroom houses to the rear.

“The proposal also provides 29 vehicular parking spaces as well as 42 cycle spaces. A large communal woodland garden will serve all the properties on site and will supplement the private amenity spaces provided by rear gardens, patios and balconies.

“The development respects the site and its setting by reason of its function, siting, landscaping, scale, density massing, height, design detail, materials and appearance.

“It is contented that the proposal would appear as a proportionate development in terms of its overall scale, height and bulk and it will have a positive impact on the character of the street-scene.”

A design and access statement said the proposal presents a “windfall opportunity” which will assist BCP Council in achieving its housing targets.

It said: “The design has been informed through a thorough appreciation of the character of the locality. The design is high quality, creating architectural interest and will sit appropriately within the wider street scene.

“The proposal is located within a sustainable and accessible location, in proximity to a number of shops, services and facilitates.

“This includes a regular bus service. The proposed car and cycle parking arrangements is considered sufficient given this context.”

Access to the site would be via the existing location at 9 Lindsay Road and the site will have two parking courts.

The parking at the front of the site will have unallocated spaces for visitors while designated spaces will be at the rear of the development.

Neighbour consultation for the application expires on June 8.