I WOULD very much like to know how Bournemouth council can justify implementing a £100 cancellation charge.

I booked a beach hut with BCP - and on the same day went to check the location as I wasn't sure of it and the map wasn't very clear.

After checking I realised that the hut was unsuitable as one of my grandchildren has issues and it would be very unsafe as a small road has to be crossed to get access to the hut from the beach and an accident would be waiting to happen.

I emailed BCP within 24 hours to cancel my booking - there were no other huts available that would be suitable - I was told that there would be a charge of £100 to cancel the booking.

I find this totally shocking - how can a charge of £100 be justified - I realise there will be some admin but never £100 worth

Tracey Burgess