A BOURNEMOUTH primary school made maths fun by celebrating NSPCC Number Day last week.

On Friday, May 7, pupils from Elm Academy attended school dressed up as something to do with 'Number' for a £1 to £2 donation for the charity NSPCC.

The primary school took part in the event to raise children's awareness of the charity and to develop pupil's engagement with maths.

According to Elm Academy, the importance of this day is to raise pupil's awareness of the work the NSPCC does and how their contributions support the charity.

The fun-filled day also showed pupils how fun maths can be and how it is used and can be applied in everyday life.

Maths Lead at Elm Academy, Alex Wadlow said: "We made use of the weather outside and all children engaged in active and practical maths activities. We were pleased with the money raised for the NSPCC and with the effort the children went to with their dressing up.

"It was a great day for everyone."

Pupils completed a range of maths activities on Number Day, such as problem solving, competitions (which included measurement of distance and time), practical maths games and lots more.

The funds raised from Number Day will support vital NSPCC services such as 'Speak Out. Stay Safe', which visits primary schools across the UK to teach students all about the dangers of abuse and what they can do to help.

Elm Academy pupils from Reception to Year 6 completed the fun and practical maths challenges all day 'to make maths count'.

There has been an increase in children under the age of 11 turning to NSPCC's Childline service for help with mental health issues.

The charity has also said that many children have been experiencing abuse and neglect at home, increased risk online and further pressures on their mental health.

Money raised by schools across the UK on Number Day will support and help to fund the vital services provided by the charity.