THESE posts were created by the Cameron/Clegg government to replace local government police committees and their function has never been understood by the general public.

This is not helped by the media referring to them as ‘police chiefs’ and some publicity hungry ones constantly appearing on TV pontificating on operational matters which should be the function of the Chief Constable.

The costs would support the recruitment of a large number of police officers.

The PCC for Dorset, a relatively small force, has a staff of 17.

In the recent election for the Dorset post the turnout was reported to be 28 per cent and the successful candidate received votes reflecting about 10 per cent of the electorate which indicates the level of public interest.

The only people I have spoken to who voted said it was a nice day and as they were out for a walk they decided to vote.

They voted along their usual party line, which as it happens was for the successful candidate.

They have no idea what the duties of a PCC are. I would suggest this is probably typical.

These posts should be abolished and the money saved spent on operational police officers.

Police committees should be reinstated consisting of cross party councillors elected by a much larger number of the electorate.


East Cliff Way, Christchurch