THE age of the internet has brought huge changes to how we communicate and carry out business and trade.

Much of this is good. But then in equal measure the door has opened to proliferation of fraud. For instance using the web to anonymise business identity.

But then it gets worse. No longer can we report fraud to local police, it all has to go online to Action Fraud, run by the City of London police.

Action Fraud with then a dire reputation.

The Times September 2020: “Police admit the existing system has let down millions of people who have been ripped off by conmen.”

Which September 2019 : “Action Fraud branded not fit for purpose. Victims ignored by police”.

I know this then very well myself having had to deal with two fraud attempts in twelve months.

The most recent an aerial fitter who attempted to get me to sign a smart phone for a “quotation”. I declined pointing out never in all the years has anyone asked me to sign for a quotation.

Good thing then I did not sign. When I looked at the email that was sent it was an agreement to a contract.

“I understand that if I subsequently cancel I will have to pay a reasonable amount for the goods or services provided under the contract prior to cancellation.”

Blatant attempted fraud. Fraud by false representation. Trying to get someone to sign for a “quotation” when they would be signing a “contract”.

This has been reported to Dorset Police and Action Fraud. From previous experience I would say the chances of this being followed up by police are close to zero.

And so it is we dismantle whole swathes of enforcement authority and as day follows night fraud proliferates.

We the public left to fend for ourselves. At best DIY form filling that goes no-where.

Jubilee Road, Parkstone