BOURNEMOUTH nightclubs are preparing to reopen next month with a host of epic events after more than a year of closures. 

The night time industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors as a result of the coronavirus pandemic however, clubs across Bournemouth are finally preparing to fully reopen next month as restrictions ease. 

As part of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown, nightclubs and other event spaces will be allowed to reopen from June 21 at the earliest. 

We are still waiting for the government to give the go-ahead for this date, but that hasn't stopped keen businesses from planning upcoming events.

To celebrate their reopening Bournemouth clubs have scheduled a myriad of incredible events to get party-goers back out with a bang. 

Here's a round-up of some of the biggest events happening in Bournemouth next month:

Snakebite Sundays at Walkabout

When? Sunday, 20 June 2021 

Time? 10pm to 3am

Ticket price: £5 - 30 plus booking fee.

On Sunday 20 June, Walkabout customers will dance again. 

After more than a year since dance floors were allowed to be open, the end is finally in sight and Walkabout will be embracing June 21 with open arms. 

Calling themselves the first event in Bournemouth to reopen their dancefloor, the club will be hosting its famous Snakebite Sundays event which will be seated until 00:01 when the dancers can take to the floor. 

With party anthems, sing-a-longs and confetti canons this opening night is expected to be worth the wait. 

Tickets are sold in sets of three, four, five and six which relates to the size of your table / area.Applebum at The Old Firestation

When? Thursday, 24 June 2021 

Time? 10pm to 3am

Ticket price: £6-12 plus booking fee

Applebum is a must-see event for students across Bournemouth. 

The UK's biggest urban club night plays everything from classic rap to modern trap and grim to afrobeat. 

Synonymous with wicked tunes and big drinks discounts, all of the pre-release tickets for Applebum have  sold out and they are now available on their fourth and final release. 

MYF Presents - PAWSA (All Night Long) at Halo

When? Friday, 25 June 2021 

Time? 10pm to 3am

Ticket price: £15 - 20 plus booking fee

This huge house and techno night at Halo will see the return of clubbing as we know it. 

PAWSA is a name that has consistently emerged from the burgeoning house and techno scene in recent times. Featuring the co-founder of Solid Grooves Records alongside Michael Bibi.

PAWSA's signature sound - inventive tech house with an old school vibe - is decisively made for the dance-floor - what better event to reopen with?

Cameo Reopening Week at Cameo and MyU Bar

When? Monday 21 to Saturday 26 June 2021

Clearly excited to be reopening, Cameo are hosting five days of events from June 21 to 26.

Welcoming clubbers with a host of non-stop events, Cameo are embracing reopening next month. 

Visit their websites for tickets and more information.

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