DESPITE being under lockdown restrictions, anti-social behaviour continued to be the top reported crime in March 2021. 

The number of anti-social behaviour reports saw a massive increase in comparison to this time last year, amid steady overall crime figures. 

According to the most recent data from Dorset Police there were a total of 2,274 crimes reported in Bournemouth during March 2021. 

A year since the first national lockdown, England was back under lockdown restrictions again this March as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

There was no significant rise in the overall number of crimes reported from March 2020 (2,180) to March 2021 (2,274). 

However, there were stark increases among specific crimes year-on-year.

This map of the area shows you what crimes were reported on every street along with each outcome. 

The data includes Bournemouth town centre, Charminster, Winton, Kinson, Bear Cross, Muscliff, Springbourne, Iford, Boscombe and Southbourne. 

Simply type your address in to this map to see what crime were reported on your road:

The most reported crime by a long way was anti-social behaviour which saw 826 reports across BCP in March despite the country being under lockdown restrictions. 

This number is a significant increase in comparison to last March which saw 656 anti-social behaviour reports.

However, it is worth noting that the first national lockdown was implemented on 27 March 2020 whereas this March we were in lockdown for the entire month.

Violence and sexual offence had the second-highest recorded rate of 621, a similar figure to last year.

The third highest was criminal damage and arson that had 178 reports - this number has dropped since last March (226).

Vehicle crime (131) and other theft (121) also topped the list. 

According to the data there were 73 reports of burglary, which is defined as illegal entry into a home with intent to commit a crime, usually theft. 

Possession of weapons (7), theft from a person (7) and other crime (10) were the lowest reported crimes in March. 

After the original publication of this article, Dorset Police offered the following statement.

Neighbourhood chief inspector Alan Setchell, of Bournemouth police, said: “Our analysis shows that over the past year we have seen an increase in anti-social behaviour (ASB) that is in line with the national trend and a significant majority of this increase relates to reports of breaches of COVID-19 legislation that fall under ASB.

“We are fully aware of the distress and upset that ASB of all kinds causes to members of our communities and we are committed to working with our local authority partners to tackle the issue.

“There is not one simple solution to all anti-social behaviour problems. Each area has its own individual plan and officers work closely with the respective local authority to reduce ASB. 

“In the areas of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, Dorset Police has worked with key partners through the Community Safety Partnership to identify the causes of ASB and to develop bespoke plans to reduce it.

“We want to ensure that residents and visitors to Dorset feel safe and are able to enjoy their time here.”  

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