WHILE the nation prepares itself to visit nightclubs next month, the Echo looks back at a popular nightspot from the past – the Pier Showbar.

As well as club nights with house, hardcore and more, the venue also put on discos and bands - even Country and Western performers.

Big-name DJs visited the club through the years such as Slipmat, Madam Zu and Chris C.

Among the many events to be held at the venue were Bump ‘n’ Hustle, Maison Profonde, Big Beat Breakdown, Funkdom and Cheeky Little Monkey.

The final night before the Showbar became Aruba was the regular Jazz Juice, an evening for 70s funk enthusiasts that carried on well beyond Showbar’s lifetime.

Bournemouth Echo:

The pictures in the gallery above were all taken on various nights at the club in 1998.

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