AS REGULAR readers will know I am keen that those able make journeys by bike and walking do so where possible.

What would make this more possible, would be clearing out the road drains in BCP’s towns. From experience of reporting them blocked this is left for many months, and sometimes the drains just block up again very quickly. In the case of drains in the pavements, absolutely no chance of getting them cleared.

Our traffic congestion and pollution are nationally famous, which cannot be good for anyone, either residents or visitors.

Giving people a realistic chance to walk or cycle safely must start with basics of treating these activities with respect, instead of just maintaining the roads for driving.

Floods from drains being left blocked for months force people back into cars both during wet weather, and often for some time afterwards whilst the floods go down over several days. Everyone suffers from the roads being so congested, especially drivers.

Unblocking drains is not a job that should ever be put off because it is so much harder to do once they have set solid, like the ones outside Tesco on Sandbanks. Surely it must be cheaper for the public purse to unblock them whilst it is a small job than wait until it is so much more work?


Britannia Road, Poole