A POOLE resident has cashed £100,000 after beating all five of the Chasers in ITV’s popular gameshow Beat the Chasers.

Nigel Painter appeared on the spin-off of ITV’s The Chase, where contestants take on all of the Chasers rather than just one.

In the cash builder round, contestants answer five multiple choice questions for the chance to bank up to £5,000.

If they start with a wrong answer, they are out of the game. Then they are given the option of facing between two and all five of the chasers. The more chasers they are against, the more money they can win. However, the time advantage against them will decrease.

And Nigel took on all five Chasers, Anne Hegerty, Mark Labett, Shaun Wallace, Jenny Ryan and Darragh Ennis.

A massive £100,000 was up for grabs, and Nigel had 60 seconds on his clock while the five chasers had 52 seconds. Each time the contestant gets an answer right their clock stops and the chasers have to answer and vice versa. The team that runs out of time first loses.

The Poole resident beat the UK’s brightest quizzers with five seconds left on his clock, and now plans to take his wife Christina on a cruise.

He said: “I enjoy the daytime show. And I’ve done a few quizzes in the past - including Weakest Link with Anne Robinson.

“Even the kids have said I should go on it - they didn’t realise I’d actually already applied. I’ve kept it a secret.

“I knew I wanted to play five Chasers if the time offer was right. I like Mark and I like Anne. Darragh was an unknown entity. But the thing is, they all have their strengths, but their weaknesses aren’t weaknesses.

“I just tried to work out how many questions I could afford to get wrong in the time advantage, and thought I had a good shot at that time.

“I looked at a spot about six feet in front of me all the way through. It was such a shock when the ticker tape fell. I’m a bit disappointed as in the excitement I forgot to pick some up as a souvenir.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. I haven’t told anyone but my wife. We haven’t told anyone, so when they watch the episode it will be a big shock to see me on there and to see that I win.”

The show aired on ITV on Friday evening.