FROM marvellous moggies to dashing dogs, say hello to five of your loveable, furry friends as we put them in the spotlight.

Our pets are such an important part of our life and have supported us throughout the pandemic.

As we continue to spend time at home due to Covid-19 restrictions, our pets are certainly enjoying having us around and your pictures show them making the most of every moment spent together.

Claire Ravenhill described her pooch Doris as a "happy dachshund!" while Jackie Hogg shared a picture of her furry friend Rory.

Marian Hitchings from Poole introduced us to Cleo and Baxter, her domestic moggies.

According to Marian, Baxter loves to sunbathe and Cleo loves to nap and they are both very loving.

Finally, Kim Lowman shared a picture of Mr Binky the guinea pig.

Kim said: "He loves to eat, sleep, poop, snuggle and shed white hair over my clothes! He's very affectionate and welcomes me home."

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In the email, include a picture or two, the name and breed of your pet and what they enjoy doing.